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What is Effective Altruism?

Effective Altruism (EA) is a social movement and intellectual project that uses evidence and careful reasoning to find the most effective ways to do good. It is a large and diverse community around the world working for a variety of causes, such as improving global health and animal welfare and reducing existential risks to alleviate suffering and effectively improve lives.

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What are we doing at EA Heidelberg?

EA Heidelberg serves as one of many local EA groups worldwide as an entry point into the community. We are also an official student group of our local university. Our goal is to provide a platform to meet and discuss topics related to Effective Altruism. For this, we meet every other Wednesday at 7:30pm. Everyone is invited to join. You don’t need any previous knowledge of Effective Altruism. Feel free to come by!

We are interested in…

  • Poverty reduction
  • Animal Welfare
  • Global health
  • Effective giving
  • Scientific evidence and rationality
  • Altruistic career choice
  • Existential risks
  • And many more topics…

Upcoming events

DateTime, LocationTopic
Wed 31.05.237:30 PM, Philosophenweg 12, R106Discussion: Cause Area Mental Health
Wed 07.06.237:30 PM, Marstall MensaSocial Meetup
Wed 14.06.237:30 PM, Philosophenweg 12, R106Discussion: Effective Climate Change Mitigation
Wed 21.06.237:30 PM, Marstall MensaSocial Meetup
Wed 28.06.237:30 PM, Philosophenweg 12, R106Talk and Discussion: Happiness Research

Past events

Wed 17.05.23Workshop: Global Priorities
Wed 03.05.23Talk: Introduction to Effective Altruism
Wed 19.04.23Workshop: How to pitch EA?
Wed 05.04.23Discussion: Effective Climate Change Interventions
Thu 23.03.23Discussion: EA Estimation Game
Wed 08.03.23Women* Meetup
Wed 08.03.23Alternative discussion for men: Diversity in EA
Wed 22.02.23Discussion: Giving Game (Global Health and Development)
Wed 08.02.23Discussion: Existential Risks
Wed 25.01.23Discussion: Rationality
Wed 11.01.22Discussion: EA in Your Life
Wed 07.12.22Discussion: Moral philosophy, ethics
Mo 28.11.22Effective Giving Day: Intro stream, Q&A, discussion
Wed 23.11.22Discussion: Intelligence and consciousness (humans, animals, AI)
We 09.11.22Discussion: Philosophy of Longtermism / the moral relevance of the distant future

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Do you want to learn more about Effective Altruism? Then just drop by our next meeting, or send us an email at We look forward to seeing you!

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